Why am I writing this blog, aren’t there enough out there already? Yes, there are plenty of blogs out there already. As I get older, I want to be able to capture some of the content in my brain; not only for myself, but just maybe for my son. (And if anyone else gets benefit from it, great! 🙂 )

Why “Poor Richard’s Almanac”? I have always admired Benjamin Franklin. His wit and wisdom is timeless, and I hope to delve into some of his sayings and expand upon them. If you can find a nugget, you can build a successful life from it. For example, take the Poor Richard quote: “A Penny saved, is a penny earned.” A smart person could build an entire business on that concept alone (e.g., Dave Ramsey). There are so many such nuggets, that hopefully something will make you stop and ponder.

Anything else? Sure. I may use this as a way to capture all my ideas in order to publish a book if I get enough content. You can watch the book develop (maybe)! I already have a misleading, catchy title too. (You’ll have to ask in the comments; I want to see if anyone reads this far!)